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As we were making the long drive from Fredericksburg, TX to White Sands National Monument, I was reminiscing in my head about all of the amazing…

The Daily – Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC has always been one of our favorite East Coast cities. Fun spots like The Daily are definitely one of the reasons why.

Join us at the Couples Cafe

Join us at one of our upcoming Couples Cafes for a fun gathering of couples, coffee, and conversations. All events are free and super casual….

Featured on The Art of Non-Conformity

It is such an honor to be featured on Chris Guillebeau’s Art of Non-Conformity, a blog we have been inspired by for years! Check…

Bucket List: Rollerblade at the Beach

Check it off the bucket list. Liz officially rollerbladed on the “long bike paths along the ocean in CA.”


More Friends than Dishes

“He said to me, ‘Would you rather have more friends than dishes or more dishes than friends?’ after that I knew exactly what to expect…