50 States 50 Lattes Intro

So what does a latte have to do with living an amazing life together?

One of the most important things we’ve heard so far during this adventure has been how important it is to find individual happiness first. Before you can focus on fully serving each other and enjoying the amazingness of what marriage has to offer, you need to first find your own happiness. For me, one simple thing that makes me just a little bit happier is enjoying a perfect latte.

I love the art and science of a great latte. The technical precision necessary to pull the perfect shot of espresso plays right into my type A engineer personality. The care and artistic skill to create the perfect latte art plays right into my creative nature.

Simply put, enjoying a hand crafted latte helps me find personal happiness. Which in return helps me to focus more on serving Liz and doing whatever I can to make our marriage amazing.


Knowing how much I love lattes, Liz encouraged me to start a super fun personal project. Throughout the adventure we will be traveling to at least one coffee shop in each state to sample their best latte. Then we’ll photograph it and share a little bit about the experience here. Not only will this be a great way to learn more about coffee and espresso, it will also help improve my personal happiness. And that will help us both live a more amazing life together.

Have a favorite coffee shop we should visit during the adventure, leave us a comment to let us know.

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