District Coffee House – Boise, ID

We are definitely a fan of any place who’s wifi password includes the word “love”. District Coffee House in Boise, ID was off to a good start. But how was their latte?


Instead of ordering the standard latte, I opted for one of their signature drinks, the cardamon latte. It, along with the Cuban latte, and Mexican latte, was definitely intriguing.

The cardamon flavor gave it a little extra spice and just a tiny pinch of heat. I would definitely order it again. Now if I could have just convinced them to serve churros with their Mexican latte, I may have never left. :)

50States-50Lattes-Boise-Idaho-ID-District-Best-Coffee-in-Boise-Espresso-Latte-Latte-Art-003Fantastic lattes and a super cozy space. District coffee in Boise was absolutely fantastic!

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