Bend, Oregon

Driving to Bend, Oregon with Mount Hood in the distance in front of you is probably one of the most beautiful drives!

ORegon-Adventure-0087 ORegon-Adventure-0089But I must admit, we were super surprised by the deserted desert land in eastern Oregon! That is not so pretty! lol.
ORegon-Adventure-0090 Oregon-Adventure-iPhone-0001 Oregon-Adventure-iPhone-0103

Our first stop on Bend, was Ten Barrel Brewery! Their Swill beer is by far my most favorite beer ever! We first had it last year when we happened upon a beer festival in Portland. Ever since then, I have been craving it! The beer is not distributed outside of Oregon… so I guess that means we need to go back! ;)


the-Best-Craft-Beer-in-Oregon-10-Barrel-Brewing-Co-Swill-Bend-OR003 the-Best-Craft-Beer-in-Oregon-10-Barrel-Brewing-Co-Swill-Bend-OR001Bend is adorable! It is a sweet little town with a cute main street and a strong sense of community! It was a random weekday night that we were there and they were having a neighborhood festival! Food, Live Music, drinks! Sign us up!!!

Oregon-Adventure-iPhone-0183 Oregon-Adventure-iPhone-0181

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