Idaho Adventures

Idaho was definitely one of the states we would have probably never visited if it wasn’t for our Amazing Marriage Adventure.¬†Also for that reason, it was one of the states we were super excited to see.


I think this Jeep’s says it all.


The variety of landscapes in Idaho were amazing. From the lush¬†vineyards, to mountains and lakes, to the very interesting moon rock formations, seriously it’s like you are on the moon, Idaho was beautiful.

Idaho-Adventures-Boise-State-Blue-Football-Field-Farmers-Market-Flatbread-Pizza-002 Idaho-Adventures-Boise-State-Blue-Football-Field-Farmers-Market-Flatbread-Pizza-010 Idaho-Adventures-Boise-State-Blue-Football-Field-Farmers-Market-Flatbread-Pizza-009

A trip to Boise wouldn’t be complete without a stop to see the “legendary” blue football field at Boise State.


And of course more wood fired pizza. We ended up splitting a pie and choose half pesto with prosciutto and half traditional pepperoni.

Idaho-Adventures-Boise-State-Blue-Football-Field-Farmers-Market-Flatbread-Pizza-007 Idaho-Adventures-Boise-State-Blue-Football-Field-Farmers-Market-Flatbread-Pizza-006

While in Boise we stumbled upon a cute little farmers market right downtown. The streets literally in front of the state capital were closed down and filled with craft vendors, food, and farm fresh produce. We were totally loving Idaho.

Idaho-Adventures-Boise-State-Blue-Football-Field-Farmers-Market-Flatbread-Pizza-005 Idaho-Adventures-Boise-State-Blue-Football-Field-Farmers-Market-Flatbread-Pizza-004 Idaho-Adventures-Boise-State-Blue-Football-Field-Farmers-Market-Flatbread-Pizza-003

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