Indianapolis, Indiana

We continued to make our way west with a stop in Indianapolis!

Indiana-Indianapolis-Adventure-Lucas-Oil-Field001 Indiana-Indianapolis-Adventure-Lucas-Oil-Field002 Indiana-Indianapolis-Adventure-Lucas-Oil-Field003 Indiana-Indianapolis-Adventure-Lucas-Oil-Field004 Indiana-Indianapolis-Adventure-Lucas-Oil-Field005 We explored downtown with visits to all of the hotspots! ;) We went by Lucas Oil Stadium and of course stopped at the Market!

Indiana-Indianapolis-Adventure-Lucas-Oil-Field007 Our favorite part of Indianapolis was hands down the fact that we got to visit one of our Liz and Ryan Wedding clients turned friends! They were married in Hershey, PA in 2011 and started their married lives together in Indiana! They now have a sweet little boy and it was our first time we got to meet him! SO MUCH FUN! We had a blast catching up and interviewing them as part of the Adventure!


When we were not hanging out with Carly and Bobby and baby Jack, we were cranking out some work! And/or spending our hours at the post office mailing these packages to our Amazing Life Together Indiegogo donors!!! ;) So grateful for every single one of our donors and the ability to send them some love in the mail! ;)

Indiana-Indianapolis-Adventure-Lucas-Oil-Field006 We found this cute little coffee shop- a little off the beaten path! It was definitely in a random apartment building! ;) lol! However, they made a great latte and I would probably go out on a limb and say it was likely the best latte in Indianapolis! Indy could definitely use one more cute coffee shop or two! ;)


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