Destination Wedding Photographers Money-Saving Tips

One or two little tips for photographers about how they can save and be organized when they’re traveling and when they’re on the road.

So when you’re traveling a lot it’s also always best to actually save some money. When you try to spend too much time trying to save money you may end up probably spending more than you really want to. It’s better to stick with one airline and book directly with them because what that does is, it allows you to build credibility and you can become a frequent flyer with the airline, in that and along with that comes a lot of benefits.  Some which makes it much easier as a wedding photographer.

Don’t always think about trying to save too much money because that’s something you can always invoice your client. Obviously, you don’t want to take advantage of the situation but what I also do is every time I spend something and I come up with the budget and let them let the clients know about it. So that they know all the time what they’re paying for and if they approve which almost always happens.

The rare case clients don’t agree with your spending, I find other solutions but I’ll try to save money, I mean yeah there’s you don’t always have to travel extravagantly that’s the thing as a destination wedding photographer. So one thing unique that I do is that I don’t invoice them for the food or things like that I do on my off time I only invoice them for the food and the meals that I spend money on on the days I’m working. Other days, you know, I just go grocery shopping or buy something light. Our chats will be a  little healthier and I stay in better shape and save money.

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Let it happen organically. I think in the process of my business most of my clients come through referrals and networks. To network with people that I know or referrals from the weddings that I photograph, I just spent the whole two hours talking about harnessing the power of social media. To make it happen as well I think within social media there are so many resources there that you can tap into.

And the reason why is it’s also important right now is that we live in a generation where most of our clients are between the ages of 25 and 35. And they fall right in the category

of being a millennial and Gen Y. And they spent a ton of time being on social media because you know they’re the first generation. They grew up with a smartphone so they actually don’t know what life was like before that so they have nothing else to look back to. So that’s what they do.

What I do is you know instead of like you know always shaking my head looking at you guys thinking man you know they don’t know how to do real conversations, they don’t know how to socialize except to be on the phone all the time. To them that me socializing that’s all they know. That is a real conversation and you can’t have a genuine conversation with them so I take advantage of that and I actually reach out to them using the various methods of social media. Number one is probably Instagram and Facebook and whatever else method that people use nowadays.