How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

You should spend time researching and budgeting for a professional to take pictures of your special day. You’ll cherish your wedding photos (and memories) for many years to come. It’s important to book your preferred wedding photographer early to avoid disappointment.

Important factors

Where do you begin when you are looking for a wedding photography service if you have never thought of it before? There are many things to consider, from the practical, such as the cost and type of service offered by the wedding photographer, to the more personal, such as the style of photography that you both enjoy, or whether you feel comfortable enough with them to make them an integral part of the day.

Step 1: Choose your wedding photography style

Style is everything when it comes to photography, and deciding on what suits you as a couple will stand you in good stead on the journey to finding your perfect wedding photographer. If you’re a couple who likes natural, captured-in-the-moment photos, you don’t want to hire a photographer who specializes in posed and staged images. If you are camera-shy, you do not want to hire an up-to-date photographer who will treat your wedding as a magazine shoot.

Step 2: Consider the experience level of the photographer

The more experience your photographer has, the higher the cost. Before you contact photographers, sit down with your partner to discuss the amount of money you are willing to spend on your photos. You would prefer a professional photographer.

Step 3: Read reviews of the photographers

Look at the social media platforms of the photographer – their testimonials will speak for themselves. It’s important to check out the photographer’s social media platforms. Testimonials can be a good indicator of their reliability and ability to capture your special day. After spending the most amazing day of their life with their couples, many photographers develop a close relationship. You can ask a wedding photographer for feedback from one of their past couples.

Step 4: Meet your photographer

You want to capture this person on one of the biggest days of your life. (No pressure!) You can’t just scroll through Instagram to make such a big decision. You should book an appointment to learn more about the photographer’s style before you decide whether or not to hire them.

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