One of the Most Sui Generis Place on Earth for the Occasion of wedding – Isla Mujeres 

One of the best things that you will know about Isla Mujeres is that you can swim with the turtles or just go somewhere for a good water activity like that of snorkeling. Another best thing that you will know about Isla Mujeres is that there are many best places where you can easily do the snorkeling. Isla Mujeres may be a little island but it has some amazing snorkeling spots and beaches. However, for many people finding the best places for snorkeling is like a challenge especially when they don’t know where to look for? Continue reading to search for more about the popular places and spots for snorkeling in Isla Mujeres. In addition, through this guide you will get to know what to expect there.

Best Snorkeling Spot – MUSA –

One of the best places for snorkeling is MUSA. It is also an underwater museum of art. It is one of the globe’s largest underwater museums, which is located in the southern coast of Isla Mujeres. This museum was created by Jason de Caires Taylor. The intent behind the creation of this museum was to serve as an artificial reef in order to preserve the marine life. In this exhibition, which is underwater, you can get to see sculptures and also you will get to see more than 470 pieces of art. It is one of the most popular underwater museums all around the world. In addition, what you will get to see here is a priceless thing to see.

Pristine Water with No Currents –

It is one of the best places to Snorkel in Isla Mujeres. If you do snorkeling at about 30 feet above , here you can get to see some of the most unique and beauteous pieces of art in a truly sui generis setting. Isla Mujeres is also one of the best places where you can hold a wedding. Many people are there who had wedded in different spots in Isla Mujeres. Another best spots where you can go for snorkeling is Playa Norte. Here you can go for snorkeling on your own and there is no need for you to take a boat. One of the best things that you will know is that it has amazing beach with crystal clear water and there are no currents in the water. Another thing you will know is that while snorkeling you can see exotic fish just by swimming 200 feet into the water.

Abundant Marine Life and Best Place to Tie Knot –

One more thing you will come to know is that the marine life abundance cannot be compared to a snorkel trip, which you have taken by boat. There are still many ways in which you can explore the world of underwater and it is one of the best places to spend a sunny day near the sea with your chums. Also, it is one of the best places where the couples can tie knot under the sunny day in beach. For Snorkel Tour in Isla Mujeres you will know that one of the best tours is the boat tours where you will get to watch amazing underwater life in Isla Mujeres. You will also find some of the best local guides who are experienced and they can take you to the best spots on the island for travel to any tourist who wants to get a closer look at the underwater world.

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Self-Effacing Hotel in Garrafon de Castilla –

Another best place for the travelers to visit in Isla Mujeres is Garrafon de Castilla. This self-effacing hotel, which is on the southern tip of Isla Mujeres, is one of the best spots for snorkeling on your own. Besides that, the entry fee for per individual is $5 USD along with gear rental. This is one such place, which is a home to several marine life species, which comprises of different kinds of coral and colorful fishes. Since the beach is rocky and sharp, water shoes are recommended for the swimmers and snorkelers. One of the best places of all time that you can visit here is the Lighthouse Reef of El Farito. It is one of the most famous spots for snorkelers.

El Farito Best for Kids –

El Farito is located in the coast of Isla Mujeres 5 minutes. It is very easy to get to the place and it offers some great opportunities for tourist who wants to explore the underwater life and visit beautiful places. Another thing that you will note about snorkeling here is that it is unique because there is a lighthouse centerpiece, which is abandoned. El Farito is one of the best places for snorkeling for kids because the water is so shallow like about 10-15feet in depth.

Manchones Reef, Garrafon Natural Reef Park, and El Meco Reef are also some of the best places and tourist attractions in Isla Mujeres that one must visit.