Planning a Wedding? Here’s Where to Start

Just engaged and not sure where to start with wedding planning? Here is our guide to planning your perfect wedding that will keep your stress at bay!

Your wedding is probably the largest party, which you will ever throw in your life. Hence, figuring out how to plan an impeccable wedding is important. This might seem pretty daunting at first. Don’t worry. This is manageable with focus on one task at a time. Even if you just have a few months or days in hand, you can go ahead by assigning the responsibility to your family and friends. Wedding-planning checklists on the internet can be a bit overwhelming, but this content talks only about the must-dos here.

Decide on your Total Budget

You must always work on the boring stuff of budgeting and finances at the start. This will help you to focus better on the other plans. Sit down and plan with your families and understand who is contributing, how much is the contribution and ultimately settle on the total budget. Set realistic boundaries and decide on how much you are intending to spend on each item. This is not easy though, as you always do not know the price of wedding reception venues Sydney, décor hire, flowers, catering, photographers etc. So, it is a good idea to allocate a little bit extra, because there might be some expenses, which you haven’t even thought of.

  1. Prepare your Guest List

Make a list of how many people will be attend your wedding. This count can greatly influence all the other decisions you make, including the Sydney wedding venue. Always keep in mind, inviting more guests, means higher expenses, as the catering charges are usually calculated based on head count. So, in addition to choosing the venue, your budget will also be greatly influenced by the total count of your guest list.

  1. Nail down the Venue

Most brides or grooms already have a style in mind after they get engaged. Some wish to get married at the waterfront wedding venues Sydney, with gleaming harbor and boats at the backdrop. While other look for grandeur venues where they can bring their fairy tale dreams to life.  To select the perfect venue, look out for wedding venues near me on the internet. Create a list of options, and then rule them out one by one, based on your requirements, budget and taste.

  1. Choose the Date

To be on the safe side, choose at least 2-3 possible dates for your wedding. Understand about the weather, vacation and other factors during those dates. As the venues can have fast bookings based on the season, where as some even book up to a year in advance.

  1. Start your paper works together

Gather all the documents like passports, birth certificates, then divorce or death certificates if one of you was married previously. This is important, as the marital laws differ based on country. So to avoid getting caught up with any legal steps, you need to prepare in advance of the big day.

If you have made it this far, we feel assertive that you now know where to begin with planning your wedding!