Reasons to Plan Your Honeymoon at The Zion National Park

People who love adventure are best suited for going on a vacation in Zion Park. This park offers a challenging task for couples that do not like a mellow outing. The beauty of choosing this National Park is that there are activities for everything such as hiking, biking, bouldering, and so on. 

Zion National Park is located in Utah and is the best location to enjoy an adventurous vacation. It is very popular among those who travel as couples or on honeymoons. Let’s check out more about this place.

Right Time to Go

If you are willing to take a vacation in Zion Park, then you can do so throughout the year, as there is no particular right time to visit the place. If you are planning a honeymoon to this place, then the time between April and October are the right days to visit the place. The park has a shuttle bus facility to take the vacationers throughout the park and also to let them enjoy the scenic beauty that is spread before them. 


Many activities are available for you to enjoy when in Zion Park.

They are listed below. 

  • Backpacking – You can check all the campsites and trails while going on a backpacking trip here. 
  • Birdwatching – The park hosts more than 200 bird species. Hence, the photographers can have a field trip day here. 
  • Cycling – Cycling is the best honeymoon activity that a couple can enjoy while in this park. 
  • Camping – The park has 3 campgrounds in it to enjoy the stay. 
  • Horseback Riding – Horseback riding is one of the many romantic things to do when in this park. 
  • Hiking – Hiking trails in this park are surrounded by wonderful scenic views for interested people. 
  • Boating – The Virgin River in Zion Park offers the best boating experience for visitors. 

When in Zion Park, do not forget to book accommodation in Under Canvas Zion. This is 196 acres spread accommodation that is ideal for all the honeymooners to experience the best privacy. The accommodation comes with a private deck, a wood-burning stove, an ensuite bathroom, and a king-sized bed with a night view. 

All the trails in this park offer a minimum of 3 hours’ excursion time for interested hikers. The vacationers can choose to go on a bike ride, on a horseback ride, trekking, hiking, and many other such options to explore more about this park. 

Zion Canyon is one of the many beauties in this park. The canyon is carved by the Virgin River and stretches about 24 kilometers. The depth of this canyon are more than 2,640 feet, and the elevation is more than 3,670 feet. The ecosystem surrounding the canyon includes desert, coniferous forest, riparian, woodland, and many such natural views. 

This Zion National Park hosts more than 19 bat species and 70 mammalian species. Some of the predators such as cougar, badger, gray fox, coyote, ring-tailed cat, etc., are found residing in this park along with the birds such as red-tailed hawks, golden eagles, Californian, condor, and so on. Visit this place to enjoy the best wildlife experience.