Simple ways to show your wife just how much you love her

woman wearing silver-colored ring

If you’re reading this, it’s probably safe to assume you’re looking for ideas to show your wife that you care. Firstly, well done. You’re taking a positive step that will only benefit your marriage! 

If you think that this will be hard, you couldn’t be more wrong. Remember when you first met your wife and you started dating? You were good at it and it came naturally to you. Tap into that energy, and you’ll find it wasn’t as hard as you first thought! 

However, sometimes even the most romantic among us can struggle for ideas. So, here are some simple ways to show your wife just how much you love her! 

  1. Tell Her

This may seem obvious and even a little too easy, but making an effort to tell your partner how you feel regularly is important. We aren’t saying you need to write her long letters or poems, but a short text or a passing comment will make her day. The best part? It takes almost no effort from and it’s free! (We can’t stress enough that this shouldn’t be your main reason for doing this). 

If you want to turn the romance up a level, write little notes and leave them around the house in places she won’t expect. 

  1. Surprise her with a Gift 

Most people love surprises. If your wife is one of these people, surprising her with a gift is a great way to show her how much you love her! Flowers are great, but anyone can do this. If you want to show her she’s special, get her a truly personal gift. 

A birthstone Claddagh ring is not only beautiful but personal too. Simply choose the right birthstone for your wife and you’ve got a gift that’s unique to her. Plus, these rings symbolize love and loyalty – the exact message you’re trying to send to your wife! 

  1. Surprise her with Date

Making time for people is one of the best ways to show them care. For your wife though, if you want to do something special, why not treat her to a surprise date? What you do is up to you! This could be a picnic, or at home by candlelight if the weather is bad. This could be dinner at a restaurant, a trip to see the movie she’s been talking about or a shopping trip to buy something nice for her that she wouldn’t always get for herself. 

Don’t be afraid to get a little creative and have fun! She will be delighted by the surprise and this gesture will show her how special you think she is!