Why a Wedding Guest Book is a Must!

A great wedding will give you lots of memories to cherish all your life. Although a guest book wedding is considered to be old traditions, it has its benefits. 

Not many people use a guest book at their wedding. The tradition of guests writing their names in a book is long gone. But you can bring it back to your wedding if you want.

If you are wondering why having a wedding guest book is important, we will give you reasons.

  • A keepsake

Saving items from your big day can be difficult. A centrepiece is going to be too much, flowers will not last and your wedding cake will be eaten. But one thing that can last is your wedding guest book. In addition to your wedding photos, you should consider having a guest book on your big day. Years after your wedding, you can open and go through the pages of your guest book to relive the old memories.

  • Personalised wedding item

Just like your wedding invitations, you can personalise your guest book as well. You can personalise the guest book with your wedding photos. Not just that, but you can also choose the colours and design you want.

  • A memory from your guest

A guest book may be a simple book where guests write their names. But you can also ask them to write a few lines if they want to. Your wedding day will be over, but your guest book will stay. When years later you open the guest book and flip its pages, you will get to see all the people who came to celebrate your big day. These are the memories that will stay with you forever.

A guest book is a beautiful piece of memory in the form of a book. You don’t need to have at your wedding. But it would be great if you do. You make invitation, guest books, and other creative stuff to make your wedding day special. After all, you don’t get married every day and your D-day ought to be special.