All About Doulas You Must Know and Should You Hire One for Your Baby’s Birth?

Are you planning for every small to a big moment in your pregnancy? From preparing a birth to preparing yourself for the major about pain? If yes, then you probably need to consider one more thing and that is finding a good doula for yourself. A doula is a trained professional who acts as your companion during your pregnancy. Today a growing number of pregnant mothers are hiring a doula as they look to reduce medical intervention during birth.

A doula can be hired by any pregnant mother if they require that extra assistance and help during their pregnancy phase. A doula would never judge you and your decisions during pregnancy and would provide good help during your labor pain and birth-giving. 

There are many more reasons for hiring doulas during pregnancy. Let’s move on.

Who is a doula?

Well, a doula is a person or a trained professional who provides mental, emotional, and physical assistance to new or expecting mothers at the time of pregnancy or at the time of conceiving or early postpartum period. A doula is a person who helps the families experience a safe and happy labor period and provides full assistance to pass this period with full zeal and safety. 

There are different types of doulas, such as:

  • A fertility doula

A fertility doula is someone who helps the families at the time of conception and helps the ones who are struggling to get pregnant. 

  • A postpartum doula

A postpartum doula, as the name suggests, helps the families during the postpartum period which is the first few weeks when the baby is born. 

  • A birth doula

A birth doula is someone who helps the families during pregnancy and labor and childbirth. They take care of the needs of the pregnant woman and make sure that everything she wants is done timely and systematically. 

Benefits of having a doula!

As we have already discussed above, a doula is someone who gives constant support to the new or expecting mother before, during, and after the pregnancy phase. Comparatively, a doctor or a midwife stays with you only at the time of delivery or the final stage of birth-giving but a doula would stay with you throughout your pregnancy journey. They might meet you before and stay with you until you are about and final delivery process. They may also make some visits to you post-delivery to check your health and recovery progress and even if you are finding some difficulty in breastfeeding, they may assist you with the right tactics for doing so. 

Is hiring a doula beneficial?

If you think that you will need some extra help during your labor and birth-giving process, then you should hire a doula. They will be additional support for you and will be a good support system for you at times when you are fighting with yourself out of stress or anxiety. 

Doulas are trained in a manner that provides all kinds of support to pregnant women and this makes it more likely to Find Black Doulas to deliver babies for Black women.