Brief Guide on How to Get Married in Spain

Spain is one of the best places to get married abroad because of its incredible history, welcoming locals, distinctive cuisine, and breathtaking views. However, there are some documentation and legal requirements needed to make your Spanish wedding a reality. 

Types of weddings in Spain 

  1. Civil marriage – Couples can legally get married without a religious aspect. It provides for the right to inheritance, property, adoption, and pensions. It can also be between same-sex couples.
  2. Civil partnership – The majority of autonomous communities in Spain provide registered cohabitation and civil unions between same-sex couples. It allows for rights to property, inheritance, and kinship.
  3. Religious marriage – Jewish, Protestant, Roman Catholic, and Muslim marriages in Spain don’t need second civil marriage. The legal status of religious marriages is similar to civil unions. It means the marriages must be registered with the civil authorities and performed by a commissioned marriage officer. 

Residency limitations and governmental formalities involved can make it impossible for foreign national couples to plan a civil marriage but they can choose a religious ceremony. Wedding planners in Malaga can help you with the necessary paperwork as well as plan a memorable ceremony.

Spain offers a lot of venues – You can get married in a small country or on a beach or in a castle. The weather is always wedding venue Germany warm and shiny. The surrounding is lush green and vibrant.

What are the wedding customs and traditions in Spain?

You can add some local traditions to your Spanish wedding ceremony. 

  • Orange blossoms are traditional flowers that Spanish brides use because it represents happiness and fulfillment.
  • The groom’s tie is cut and auctioned to the wedding guest by the groom’s closest friend. It signifies good luck.
  • The bride wears a traditional headdress called Mantilla instead of a veil.
  • The groom presents 13 gold coins to his bride, which signifies a commitment to life.

Weddings in Spain have been offering couples and their guest’s lifetime memories!