4 Simple Themes For The Perfect Wedding

Themes for weddings seem to be out of control nowadays! Minion themed, Twitter themed, and even bacon themed are all genuine themes for weddings, and although these people had the best day of their lives, it just isn’t for most of us. Sometimes, simplicity is better, and taking a step back and going for a simple theme is the way to make your wedding elegantand jaw-droppingly beautiful. Here are our favorite simple themes for the perfect wedding.

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The Classy Wedding

We all want our wedding to look good, but why not take this one step further and bring it to the next level of class? Going for something classy will bring some glamour to your wedding and make your day incredibly romantic. Some soft lighting and pastel, gentle colors (alongside the typical black and white), and some extra luxury in the décor, like this wedding decor rental, will really add that extra touch to your wedding and bring that top-quality, elegant aesthetic to your wedding. The perfect choice for those who like simple, but stunning.

The Vintage Wedding

Vintage has become incredibly popular over the past few years, and its rise in popularity means it’s become a more and more common theme in weddings. It’s not hard to show off, either – you can easily bring it out through your outfits, make up, and hairstyle, and add some antique-styled décor to your venue. The cherry on the cake, however, is recreating the classic getaway in an old, retro car like a Porsche with the typical “We Just Got Married” sign strung on the back. What could be more classic than that?!

The Modern Wedding

Not everyone’s a fan of the old-fashioned way, though – and if this sounds like you, it’s worth going for a modern theme instead. A modern design is all about minimalism, simplicity, and keeping things clean, neat and geometric. It’s incredibly sleek, so you can show this off in your outfit, and opt for a simple yet bold color scheme throughout your wedding (think black, white, but also a purple or blue). If you love the idea of a modern wedding, keep up to date with the newest trends for weddings in 2020.

The Tropical Wedding

Who doesn’t love the idea of a beach wedding? This is the perfect setting for the classical tropical wedding, and also the perfect excuse for a cocktail bar (Bahama Mama, anyone?). If you’re thinking tropical, there’s plenty you can do with the décor, including plenty of plants and flowers, lots of bright colors, and even a few small palm trees. It also means your wedding can be a lot more causal, both in terms of clothing (bring in the light, airy dresses and sandals) and the mood of your wedding, making for a more intimate and special occasion.

These four ideas are so simple to implement, but can turn an ordinary wedding into the perfect day to remember. With a little thought and planning, you’re sure to have the wedding day of your dreams.