5 beautiful gift ideas to show your girlfriend how much you love her

Whether you’ve been in a relationship for six weeks or six years, we think that it’s important to demonstrate your love and commitment for one another from time to time. Of course, the most important part of a relationship is spending time together and supporting each other through the ups and downs of life, but the occasional gift certainly won’t hurt. Below, we’ve put together five beautiful gift ideas to show your girlfriend how much you really love her…



One of the most obvious gift ideas to give a loved one is some flowers. Sure, it’s a little cheesy and generic, but if you know that your girlfriend is a huge fan of roses, then there’s no reason not to treat her to a bouquet that she can put on display. Better yet, buy her a houseplant to symbolize your love and commitment for one another; it’ll grow as you do.



If you’re feeling brave, you could treat your girlfriend to clothing. Women are notoriously tough to buy for – it’s really difficult to know the right size, colors, and shapes, so consider a hoodie, pajamas or something that she can wear in the house. Alternatively, if you know she is looking for a new dress or pair of shoes, make her part of the journey and take her to the mall to do some shopping – once she finds the perfect outfit, surprise her by covering the bill.



One of the most precious and intimate gifts you can give a girlfriend is some jewelry, as she’ll be able to wear it and think of you throughout the day. Whether you opt for a modern promise ring or something more traditional like Celtic cross jewelry, there are so many great options to consider – the hardest part is setting a budget and deciding on the right piece.



Women love cosmetics. If you know her favorite brand of makeup, you could treat her to a gift set so she can try some new products, or alternatively, create your own gift box or hamper full of her favorite cosmetics like bath bombs, moisturizers, and soaps. That way, she can have a pampering session from the comfort of her own home and you can join in for the fun – face masks are a great way to relax and improve the complexion of your skin!

Teddy bear


Finally, why not go uber-cheese and treat your loved one to a teddy bear? The ultimate new girlfriend gift, teddy bears show you’re a softie at heart and give your girlfriend a permanent cuddle buddy when you’re not around. Better yet, take her to somewhere like Build a Bear and create a bear together; it’ll set you up for the future when you decide to have children.

There you have it – some great gift ideas for your girlfriend. Whatever you choose to buy her, we wish you good luck in your shopping and hope that she’s pleased with her surprise.