8 compulsions for an expensive wedding

Want your little child to get married and give her the best marriage of the kind? Then remember an expensive Wedding needs a lot of expenses.

More than one can actually imagine off, or get to bear with. The game lies not only in buying expensive boughe products but also in investing time on the marriage hall and Wedding Stage decoration.

  1. Getting hold of a organizer

Getting a marriage hall can be easy, but finding the right event manager is really tricky. For that reason, try working with someone who has experience at the same time he or she shall understand your needs.

  1. Choosing a wedding venue

If it is a Bengali Wedding, then the marriage hall needs to be really sassy and elegant. Your event manager might help you in finding the right option.

Just go for a wedding venue that has the right accommodation and infrastructure. Or can also for the destination wedding option.

  1. Making a Bengali Wedding theme

Yes, every boughe Wedding in the town has to have a theme. Even if it is a traditional Bengali Wedding yet you need to have a perfect theme for the event.

A theme that reciprocates well with the wedding venue Decoration and also the marriage hall itself.

  1. Getting matching dress codes

Bengali Weddings usually have the color code of blood red, rust maroon  or the traditional deep pink. But times are changing, so go for something that has the right color.

The colour should be based upon the theme of the wedding, so it also decides the color code of the bridesmaids and other guests.

  1. Having expensive lighting

Lighting is one of the most important factors of any Wedding venue. The marriage hall should have lightings that help you get the best Photography as well.

  1. Spend on professionals

Hire people who are truly professionals. Firstly your event organiser should be extremely professional. Then he or she shall help you with the rest.

A good Photographer is a must at any Bengali Wedding. The wedding venue has to be decorated properly by a professional decorator. And lastly, the makeup artist and the mehandi artist. Majority of your day, depends upon their hands.

  1. Bring the best catering in town

The catering that is booked for the wedding should be from a very good service provider. Your organizer should bring the best in the town.

Having pretty good testimonials and records for their older experiences.

  1. Set up the plate

Setting up the plate doesn’t mean choosing from a huge buffet of food. But the literal meaning is to set up a huge buffet of food. The wedding venue itself has a rich feeling, so now the catering service also demands some attention actually.

So, one needs to be creative about the menu options. Something that goes well with the Bengali wedding style, and also the previously decoded Wedding theme. Options like Chinese, continental, Mughlai and Bengali cuisine. All should be accurately shuffled in the menu.

A wedding venue needs plenty of moderations and changes, so leave everything on your wedding manager. He or she shall keep the prestige of you as well as the Bengali wedding style, quite elegantly.

Just Carry your attitude and do all the necessary for maintaining the wedding theme at the marriage hall.