Customizing Your Wedding Music

Now your glamorous wedding ceremony is over. It’s time to dance at the reception venue. There are different ways to personalize your wedding party, but one obvious way to make the evening a memorable one is through your wedding reception music.

Whether you hire a live band or a Lancaster wedding Dj, one thing that will keep the party lively is the entertainment going on, Right from your first entrance as newlyweds to the moment your guests leave. While the Dj or live band will do the work of selecting and playing all the songs for your reception party, you and your spouse will need to guide them by providing a list of music you would want to hear.

Steps To Personalizing Your Wedding Music

If you are finding it difficult to select suitable music for your wedding party, then this is your lucky day because we’ve mapped out a list of tips to help you and your spouse personalize your music to entertain your guests.

Select Music Meaningful to You and Your Spouse

Customizing the music for your wedding starts with choosing songs that are special to you and your partner. Your guests will be thrilled to hear songs that define your relationship.

Incorporate DJs’ Most Requested Wedding Songs

The DJs and live bands are the experts to consult. They know which songs the crowd enjoys the most and also the songs that kill the vibes on the dance floor.

Check on the list of DJs most wanted wedding songs to know those songs you forgot to include on your playlist

Even though you would want to select songs that reflects you and your spouse, your guests will be thrilled to hear those sweet, comforting and classic songs they know.

Create Your Own Music Rules

One thing you should be aware of as regards to your reception is that you have no rules to follow. If you don’t like a particular song, don’t feel like you have to play it because it’s a popular wedding song. The popularity of a song doesn’t mean your guests will like it. One of the biggest myths about music is before you dance to it.

On the contrary, this is not so. Just like love, dancing is universal. Play songs you and your spouse love, when your guests see you love it, they will enjoy your music and dance to it.