Enjoy Hora Loca Like Never Before

The word “hora” has originated from the Greek for chorus which means dance. The Greeks started a brilliant carnival event to show the honor to the Greek wine gods and as years have passed, the event has become more popular in different areas of the world. It is one of the most beautiful multi-cultural events that takes place in the south Florida area and many tourists from around the world arrive here to witness the great celebration that takes place.

The festival is now celebrated in some of the most popular countries in the globe like Italy, Brazil and Venezuela. The festival brings a whole new dimension of joy, confidence and happiness to the people who participate in it. You can find several artists like stilt walkers, dancers, drummers, carnival dancers, fire shows, noisemakers, lighted costumes & so on.

This year, MiamiSuperHero wants to take the Hora Loca event to a whole new level. You can contact MiamiSuperHero right now. You can contact them at Dade Call (786) 220-5686, Broward Call (954) 239-7244, Palm Beach and Call (561) 293-3535, to host the best event.

Why Choose MiamiSuperHero?

Here are some reasons why you should choose MiamiSuperHero for Hora Loca event –

  • Performer Types – they have a host of different performer types that include LED Robots, Samba Carnival Dancers, Colorful Themed Stilt Walkers, Drummers, Singers, Little People and also Noisemakers. You can also find Belly Dancers, Break Dancers and LED Angel Wing Dancers.
  • Party Types – MiamiSuperHero hosts a wide range of party types like Wedding Reception, Kids Birthday, Corporate Event, City Festival, Holiday Party Quinceanera or Sweet 16 and Bar/Bat Mitzvah, throughout the year round.
  • Experience – MiamiSuperHero have years of experience in this industry and they have already helped hundreds of people to enjoy their Hora Loca events in the most fashionable manner. That is why you can rely on their arrangement and host the most amazing party.

Your guests will be thrilled to see the amazing arrangements that MiamiSuperHero can make for you. They will have the best time of their lives when they are at your party. You’ll be amazed to see the Samba dancers, stilt walkers, noisemakers, funky hats, exotic masks, glow sticks, and other artists performing for you. Make sure to visit their official website and book your reservations right away.