How To Get A Perfect Time Lapse In Any Situation


You can think of time lapse as the opposite of slow motion. With them, it is possible to show scenes that we would take minutes or hours to contemplate, in a short time with a feeling of fast camera.

Time lapses allows you to capture unique moments, such as sunsets, sunrises, the movement of clouds, the opening of a flower. It is ideal for showing in a few seconds any scene that takes place over long periods.

Why Use Photos And Not Video?

The weight of the photos against the video is much less, so, at the end of the work, you will save many memory cards.

Not all cameras offer 4K video recording, but almost all of them exceed 3840x2160px. With any camera, you can do a time lapse in 4K without problems. Photos allow you to use slower shutter speeds so that you can get more artistic results than video.

Tools To Create Your Time Lapse

Now that you have seen everything you need to know about making a quality time lapse, it’s time to see the endpoint, the tool to put your photos together.

The first step is to edit your photos. To do this, use an editor that accepts mass editing to save hours of work. it could be either Photolemur or Lightroom and finish the retouching of the hundreds of photos that make up a time-lapse in minutes. Visit

Then you have to move on to creating the video. For this, you can find many tools, both paid and free.

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

The most powerful program of all you can find. With it, you will get a perfect time lapse, with the option to stabilize it, edit speed, add audio, transitions, etc. Simply import your photos, choosing the first one in the sequence and drag the self-generated file to your timeline.

  1. Photoshop CC

It is true that in Photoshop, you can prepare time lapses, but it is a complicated job and that not everyone is trained to use it. You have many options for editing and control over the image, as is normal in Photoshop.