How To Plan Big Fat Indian Wedding

An Indian wedding is no short of a festival, even the simplest Indian wedding requires quite the planning to execute so imagine the amount of preparation one would require for a big fat Indian wedding! To help you in preparation, below we have prepared a few tips to aid in your preparation.

Months of planning

Ideally, your wedding preparation should begin months before the wedding itself, and the more complex and grander it is, the longer the prep time. This will help the distribution of work without taking all the steam out of you and also leaves space for any changes later on.

Big fat wedding Cost

A big fat wedding will cost you a fat amount from your wallet as well. You should have a budget with a plan so you aren’t unnecessarily spending your money in areas avoidable. Big weddings in India usually come around 25 lakhs to upwards of 70 lakhs.

Hire Wedding planners

A big wedding will require all the help you can get. A good approach to planning is to hire the services of a professional wedding planner. Since they do this regularly, they are much more experienced and will save you time and energy than doing it on your own.

Pre-wedding photo-shoot 

For your pre-wedding photoshoot, most people would suffice by using the services of anyone with a camera. However, since you are splurging on a grand wedding, why compromise on pictures even if they are pre-wedding shoots. Hire a professional for your pre-wedding shoot.

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Rich Wedding invitations

A big Indian wedding deserves a high end Indian wedding cards. Wedding cards are official invites to witness an important milestone in one’s life and it makes sense to want your card to reflect the significance of the event.

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Destination Weddings

If you are approaching a destination wedding rather than a traditional one, then consider hiring the services of a planner based on the destination of your choice. This will make planning easier. Destination weddings hold challenges during planning so make sure to start planning months before the wedding

Wedding Décor

Hiring the services of a decorator will help you in planning out how to decorate the venue. Depending on the size and shape of the venue, your decorator will accordingly plan to design your venue based on your vision.

Designer Outfits and accessories

Many brides and grooms order designer outfits and accessories for their weddings. There are specially dedicated stores for wedding outfits and accessories. Quick research on the net should help you find one near your area.

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Big weddings can be an organizational nightmare. Having a guest list will help you in planning before the venue and even on the day of the event.

Food from across the globe

A lavish wedding deserves a lavish spread; hire a reputed professional caterer to assist you in your wedding menu plans.  A lavish spread can contain cuisines from around the world to delight your guests and make it a truly high-end wedding experience.

Book all entertainers for all functions.

If you are booking entertainers, make sure to have your bookings early. Top performers in weddings usually have their schedule quite tight throughout the year thus booking in early a few months prior is always suggested.

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Giveaways (return gifts)

Who doesn’t like gifts? Gift your guests with return gifts thanking them for attending your wedding. There are many stores online and offline that provide ready-made gift baskets which make great return gifts.