Planning Your Wedding in Cabo Mexico

A wedding is exciting, but a destination wedding can be the most exhilarating experience of your life. Many brides and grooms are intimidated with wedding planning but a good wedding planner and lots of preparation can help make the whole adventure smooth sailing for everyone involved.

If you’re planning a Cabo wedding, here’s what you need to know to get ready for the event of a lifetime.

Hire A Local Wedding Planner 

One of the best ways to enjoy your wedding is to hire a wedding planner. Since your wedding is out of town, it’s best to hire a local. A wedding planner in Cabo can make your wedding preparations easier and faster.

Firstly, a local wedding planner knows all the legal requirements you will need in order to formalize the wedding. For instance, you might need certain documents or affidavits so that a marriage certificate can be issued and make your marriage legal. A Cabo wedding planner can tell you what you need and where to submit requirements so that all documents are ready for the big day.

Local wedding planners also have good relationships with local vendors. They are in the best position to give you discounts. Since everything is sourced locally, delays can be lessened so that’s also less stress for you. Best of all, it’s a win-win situation for you and local businesses.

Set A Budget

One of the many reasons why couples are intimidated with out-of-town weddings is the cost. However, setting a budget can help you afford a wedding in Cabo San Lucas. 

The great thing about this location is that there is something for everybody. There are luxury hotels that can cater to extravagant weddings but there are also modest resorts for all kinds of budget.

Once you have settled on a budget, you can start the process of looking for the perfect resort or venue.

Scout Locations  

Mexico is a very beautiful country, so the next thing you do after hiring a wedding planner is to scout for locations. There are many special places to hold weddings in Cabo Mexico so that you have choices between seaside locations, grand ballrooms or garden venues. 

Choose A Theme

Having a theme for your wedding can make the experience more special. It also makes planning easier. For example, if you want a traditional Mexican wedding for a theme, coordinating with the wedding planner when it comes to decorations, invitations, music and food is easier. Having a theme also makes it easier to narrow down choices for vendors.

Create a Wedding Website 

One of the best ways to keep guests informed and in-the-loop is to create a wedding website. You can include information about your wedding like itinerary, schedules, venue and even your social media accounts. 

Free to use apps like Joy has many designs ranging from traditional to modern. You can include pages like your story, wedding party, and accommodations. Best of all, it is user friendly so customizing it is very easy to do even for new users. Other apps include Appy Couple and Wedding Jojo.

Finalize Guest List

Since it’s a destination wedding, planning who to invite early is very important. Guests will need to be informed early so that they can take time off work, book flights and make arrangements.  Informing them ahead of schedule can give them time to RSVP too.

Generally speaking, etiquette dictates that you give guests 6 to 8 weeks in order to RSVP. Once all names are in, it’s time to finalize your guest list and give the go ahead to your planner and vendors.

Don’t forget to finalize accommodations with your guests.

Register For Gifts 

Registering for wedding gifts will avoid duplicate gifts and help you figure out what you need for your new home. 

Avoid posting your registry on social media. Guests usually ask where you are registered but you can also include the info on your bridal shower invites, wedding website or save-the-date cards.

Confirm and Pack For Your Honeymoon 

After all that planning, you deserve to have a relaxing honeymoon. Before the wedding, confirm and pack for your honeymoon. This way you are ready to leave the minute your schedule allows.

For instance, you might want to spend a day or two mingling with guests in Cabo after the wedding but want to travel to a different city or country afterwards. Making sure that hotel and flight bookings are confirmed will allow you and your spouse to start your married life on the right footing.

Wrap Up

Find a local wedding planner that you can talk with easily. This will lessen the strain of planning a wedding and help prevent stress. Book and consult early so that you can enjoy a beautiful Cabo wedding.