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Precious 18K gold Jewellery buying guide

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Gold known as mankind’s most precious element since its inception, has an extraordinary heritage. As a durable substance found naturally in a distinctive yellow colour, it is resistant to corrosion, tarnish and rust. In early civilization, gold jewellery was considered as very powerful and only few were permitted to wear it. However, the beauty and glamour of gold makes it as the desirable piece of jewellery in modern world. 

The best thing about investing in gold is that you’ve plenty of choices to suit your preference. Whether your priority is valuable investment or durability or combination of both, gold is a universally treasured and diverse accessory. 

Different Karatage of gold

Before you start searching for any piece of jewellery, you need to understand various karat types of gold, as listed below: 

  • 24 karat gold – 100% pure gold
  • 22 karat – 91.7% Gold
  • 18k Gold – 75% Gold
  • 14 karat – 58.3% Gold 
  • 12 karat – 50% Gold 
  • 10 karat – 41.7% Gold

The pure gold i.e. 24k is considered very soft for jewellery, while the popular choices are 22k, 18k, 14k, and last two choices are not used for jewellery due to lowest Gold contents in them.

Let’s review some facts regarding 18k gold. 


As said above, pure gold is the softest form, which is touch to manage as everyday wear and hence it is alloyed with other metal mixtures such as zinc, nickel, copper, or silver to offer durability and strength. 18k gold is comprised of 75 percent gold mixed with other metals to make it strong. 

Buying guide 

When compared with other gold jewels, 18k is purer in colour as well as composition. It’s considered as the fine, esteemed, and more valued jewellery.  It is used mainly in diamond studded rings. However, 18k rose gold or white gold will differ in colour, as copper is used as alloyed mixture in rose gold, while rhodium plating in white gold. Since 18K gold uses only 25 percent of metal alloy, with nickel used is very less, the risk associated with allergic reaction is extremely minimal.  

18K gold is commonly worn for special occasions or as wedding bands and it comes with the higher price tag when compared with 14K gold. Before you buy an 18K engagement ring, look for a stamp or hallmark that reads 18kt or 18k. 

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