Questions to Ask Your Pastor about Your Church Wedding Arrangement

After an engagement, the wedding day is scheduled. The to-be-bride and groom are burdened with lots of questions. The choices they need to make are many like how to get married, where to get married, do they have sufficient funds for the ceremony, whom to invite, what kind of wedding gown or suit, will white theme be great, what about the music, and the list goes on. 

However, there are some questions the couples will need to ask their local pastor at the St Monica Catholic ChurchThis is the church they are going to be married at. 

  • Can the church grounds be used for photography after the wedding rituals conclude? – There may another wedding scheduled after yours, so if the church is small the grounds can get crowded with other bridal party guests.
  • Are videography and photography allowed inside the chapel? Some churches allow videography, but not photograph. Even discuss where the cameraman can stand during the rituals.
  • Are confetti throwing allowed? Some basilicas allow it outside the sanctuary because it can be messy. Using natural products like rice or birdseed is also requested. 
  • Can hymns and readings be chosen by us? The church may have a standard reading for each wedding, so ask it in advance. If you can choose then ask how many readings are allowed.
  • Do we need to decorate the church? Church decoration is not obligatory. If you can afford it do it or else set a date when the church is already decorated like the Christmas holidays.
  • What are the fees? Every church differs in its fees because there are other costs involved like an organist, bell ringers, or a choir. 
  • What is the paperwork needed by the Church? You will need a marriage license and marriage preparation program completion certificates. Marriage preparation programs differ from parish to parish, so ask about what is needed.