Thai Bride Price Ritual – How It Varies From A Regular Dowry System

Money and love cannot be the two faces of the same coin. Gone are the times when the quote “you cannot love without money” was considered an important factor in finding love. Many things matter for two lovers to stay together such as their family status, their earnings, their bank balance, and so on. Stability in life is an important part of finding love and the same goes for a Thai wedding too.

The price for love or also known as the bride price is something that defines the love of a groom for a bride. Sinsord DD is one such bride price for rent North of Thailand (เช่าสินสอดภาคเหนือ, term in Thai) service that offers the required bride price for rent to the groom’s family.

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Bride Price and Dowry 

Bride price and dowry are not the same concepts with different names. In case of dowry offering, there is a compulsion factor stating that it should be done by the bride’s party to the groom’s party. However, this is not the case with the bride price, because it is the price that is paid willing by the groom’s party to the bride’s party as a way of promising the latter about their capacity to cater to all the needs of the bride.

The dowry system came into existence from the ancient cultures that flourished in many parts of the world. It is even believed that the tradition started in the ancient Greek and Roman cultures.

The tradition followed since then and reflected its effect on some other cultures that soon followed, as the years rolled on. Some cultures have removed this tradition over time, but some cultures still follow the dowry system as an important ritual in their weddings.

Bride Price Value 

The basic value of the bride price is 75,000 to 300,000 Baht. This amount can stay the same if the basic requirements of a bride are met by the groom’s party. Some instances such as the education of the bride, the social status of the bride’s party, the earnings of the bride, the beauty, and mainly the virgin bride, can increase the bride price value up to certain extra hundreds of Baht in Thailand weddings.

Some brides’ families will not like it when the groom’s family offers them the bride price. Hence, they just pretend to accept this bride price in the wedding ritual and will return the amount to the groom’s party as soon as the wedding is concluded.

Hence, the groom’s parties prefer renting this bride price from some authentic rental services, just like hiring some wedding requirement equipment and tools. They can return the amount as soon as the respective ritual is concluded by the bride’s side.

Every country has its own set of rituals and traditions that are followed in some auspicious events. Respecting them and abiding by the rules that are followed in such traditions is a way of expressing your love and care for a Thai bride or groom.