Tips for planning your wedding reception

When the ceremony is finished, rings are on fingers, and there’s not a dry eye in the house, your guests’ attention will soon turn towards your wedding reception. With the reception, the main cause of celebration, packed full of details destination wedding in germany and things to think about, planning a fun but personal do can quickly become overwhelming.

Here are some of our top tips for planning your wedding reception.

Optimise the way you use your venue

The venue you choose will come with its own features and standout aspects – for example, Crondon Park, the most highly recommended wedding venue in Essex, boasts its own kitchen and a memorable blend of indoor and outdoor space to give you the rustic, countryside wedding of your dreams. By optimising and using the features at your disposal when you hire a venue, you reduce the need to focus on some of the details like decoration and even catering.

Breakdown your budget into categories

Having a budget is crucial when it comes to planning your wedding reception, but instead of approaching your budget as a single figure, consider breaking this down into the different areas of your event. Having a catering budget, a drinks budget, an entertainment budget, and a decorating budget will help to control your spend across different areas of the wedding reception – so that you never pay the bill for decoration and realise you’ve left nothing spare for drinks.

Understand the implications of every season

We don’t just mean with regards to the weather across different seasons, although this is of course important. Understanding the implications for each season also means considering any national holidays or notable events which fall on your wedding day or weekend. Even something as innocent as a local charity walk or festival can impact the ability of your guests to find nearby accommodation – and this can quickly have a knock-on effect on your guest list and reception.

Before confirming any dates, do your research into weather, national holidays, and any local occasions or events.

Create a timeline

Even if you don’t consider yourself a hyper-organised Bride to Be, there is huge value in having a timeline for your reception – if for no other reason than it allows you to hand the timings over to someone else and actually enjoy the event you’ve planned. Wedding coordinators and venue staff are there for a reason, and having a timeline can allow you to pass the schedule over and revel in everything you’ve planned and booked.

These are just a few of our top tips for planning a wedding reception. If you are looking for more advice, insider secrets, and tips for pulling off a seamless event, this blog details everything you need to know (and more).