Top 10 Wedding Photography Trends

Wedding is one of the best and memorial events for everyone, and photography at your wedding is a vital part also. Your wedding pictures should be individual and reach the test of time. wedding event photographers wants you to love your photos and your photographer. That’s why they have a dream to prove them as the best photographer for events. Therefore, it’s essential to include the newest trends in production; staying updated is necessary to create heartwarming, enduring memories.

So…take a breath and get ready to gain inspiration and ideas for your wedding photo album. Here are the various popular trends in wedding photography you should keep an eye on in 2019.

1.Destination Elopements

As a destination wedding photographer, You have to love the privilege and responsibility of being able to capture the glory and beauty of a wedding scenery.

You can see most of the wedding are being held in appealing travel destinations, rather than local venues or formal settings. From the jaw-dropping beauty of a Greek island to the majesty of an imposing castle destination weddings and wedding photography in faraway locations is a growing trend.

  1. Prewedding Photo Sessions

Wedding days are chaotic and stressful. As a result, prewedding sessions (as well as day-after shoots) are gaining popularity with many couples. I firmly believe that every couple should consider a prewedding photo session; this is your time to shine!

After all, we always use pictures to narrate something.  A prewedding photo session tells who you are, how your story began, or what is your mutual passion, so think – what would be an ideal choice for you?

  1. The First Look Session

Ready for some fantastic shots before tying the knot? This traditional wedding must-have is still going great.

The First Look times offer me a great chance to capture candid and beautiful photos of the bride and groom before the ceremony. And you know what? Often these shots are the ones my couples like the most!

  1. Photojournalistic Coverage

Pictures that capture real moments are what makes our hearts flutter. While in the past, most couples were beautiful with posed shots, things have changed!

Are you looking for authenticity? If you want your wedding day to be captured naturally, then ‘photojournalistic’ is the keyword you need to know.

  1. Unplugged Ceremonies

No cameras, no phone, just guests being there and enjoying the moment with you. Having your loved ones present to witness your ceremony is a once-in-a-lifetime moment. so asking that they enjoy this occasion without tech distractions can make your wedding in Greece much more special for everybody.

After all, you certainly want perfect photos without any distracting bright screens popping up in the shots. So says “I do” to an unplugged wedding!

  1. Dramatic Locations & Imagery

Insta-worthy shots that encompass dramatic scenery and vibrant places with breathtaking landscapes are in fashion!

Mykonos, Santorini, and Athens are destinations that boast splendid backdrops. As a Greek professional wedding photographer, I know all the outstanding spots for the perfect shot. Just ask me!

  1. Filmic or Cinematic Look

Well, the beauty of filmy images is timeless! Producing images that have a look as if they were stills captured from films means paying attention to the details in the shadows, and giving an almost embroidery-like precision in the highlights. I unquestionably love this trend!

  1. Fun & Photo Booths

Photo booths are becoming omnipresent during wedding receptions and parties. Do you know the best part? Photo booths are an excellent opportunity for a professional wedding photographer to take candid photos of your guests! You have to consider having a photo booth for your wedding in your own city.

  1. Social Media

Quite a few couples hire me through social media Guests have taken some of the enjoyable wedding photos. I’ve seen during receptions and parties and then posted on social media accounts. Most couples have their hashtag and ask their guests to publish images using it.

Creating a wedding hashtag for guests to use to upload photos to Instagram can help you experience your wedding through their eyes.

  1. Wedding Photographers as Trusted Advisors

When you book a wedding photographer in Los Angeles, you don’t just rent a camera. Nowadays, a professional wedding photographer’s role is more critical than ever. And he is one of the most important people at your wedding.