Wedding photo booth pics for thank you cards

A photo booth at your wedding reception is not only a fun source of entertainment for your guests, but it also provides you with unique candid photos to use for thank you cards after the wedding. Here’s how to take advantage of your wedding photo booth pics:

Capture spontaneous moments

Photo booths are great for capturing candid, unposed photos of your guests. Compared to formal wedding portraits, photo booth pics reflect the joy and silliness of your special day. When choosing wedding photo booth pics for thank you cards, look for photos that showcase:

  • guests laughing and having fun together
  • Silly or goofy poses and faces 
  • Guests hanging out in unique groups
  • Your guests letting loose on the dance floor

The unstructured nature of photo booth pictures allows your guests’ personalities to shine through. Using these real and spontaneous moments on your thank you cards adds a personal touch. 

Showcase relationships

Along with silly shots, look for touching photos of your loved ones from the photo booth. Candid snaps of couples, families, and friends show off your important relationships. Search for photos of:

  • Newlyweds looking at each other lovingly
  • Parents hugging their children
  • Siblings laughing together
  • Friends posing cheek to cheek

These photos show how much love was around you on your wedding day. They make for heartfelt thank-you card images.

Capture fun themes and props

Many photo booths offer fun props and backdrops to pose with. From glamorous boas and oversized sunglasses to ridiculous wigs and masks, these props encourage your guests to get playful and silly. Look for photos of:

  • Guests posing with quirky props
  • Groups dressed up in themed costumes 
  • Friends making faces behind cutout props
  • Couples hugging in front of fun backdrops

Your wedding props and themes showcase your playful side. They also make your thank you cards more unique and memorable.  

Go for variety

Select different snap-booth shots for your thank you cards. Pick pictures that showcase various groups of guests, candid interactions, funny poses, and touching moments. The more variety you include, the more your cards will stand out.

Follow up on special requests

If you or your spouse posed for specific photos with certain guests, include them. For example, you may have posed with:

  • Immediate family
  • Bridal party members
  • Best friends
  • Young cousins or nieces/nephews

Your VIP guests deserve to be thanked with special request shots on thank you cards. Wedding photo booths provide endless options for heartwarming, hilarious, and personalized thank-you card photos. Take advantage of the candid shots to create memorable and meaningful cards your guests will cherish. 

When selecting your favorite photo booth pictures for thank you cards, be sure to get input and feedback from your spouse. After all, it was both of your special days. Decide which pictures best capture the personalities, special relationships, and joyous memories of your wedding. Narrow it down to the very best ones that will put a smile on your guests’ faces when they receive a thank you card with their photo booth image.