What Are The Best Places To Get Married In Italy

Destination weddings are preferred by couples who look forward to making their wedding day memorable for themselves as well as for the guests. When it comes to Italy, its ancient history, popular cuisine, and breathtaking places are the reasons it is one of the best wedding destinations in the world. With so many beautiful venues, it is quite difficult to choose one from them. This article will guide you about the best places to get married in Italy so that you can easily select one of them for your wedding:


A destination wedding in the Dolomites, Italy is one of the most favored places for many couples. The Dolomites is a mountain range present in the northeastern region of the country. It is full of mountains covered in snow and romantic castles which is the reason behind why it is chosen by many couples who plan to get married in Italy or if they are looking for a place for their honeymoon.

Lake Garda

If getting married beside a lake is your dream then Lake Garda is the perfect location for you. A Lake Garda wedding is the best option if you’re also planning to book an outdoor wedding venue. The weather is perfect and the place is surrounded by beautiful gardens. The area is full of small villages made of ancient stone walls which give a unique feel to you and your guests.


Venice is the best location for you if you’re looking forward to a stylish wedding. Its narrow romantic streets and beautiful canals are unmatched when it comes to an intimate wedding destination in Italy. If you need privacy then you can get married on one of the nearest islands. You can also give a gothic touch to your wedding ceremony as there are several churches in which you can get married.  


Present in the center of Italy, a wedding in Tuscany, Italy is memorable because the countryside view will make your wedding unique. If you’re interested in art or history, Tuscany is full of such places and you’ll love to explore the city while you’re on your honeymoon. You don’t even have to worry about the weather as the climate is mild and dry all year.


Known for the presence of the highest volcano in Europe, Sicily is an iconic part of Italy as it is full of people belonging to different cultures. There are people belonging to European, Northern-African, Catholic, and Islamic culture in the area which will add a unique flavor to your wedding. The town of Taormina in Sicily will be the perfect venue for you if you’re looking forward to living the most memorable day of your life.

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