What aspects influence the prices of hiring a magician for your wedding?

Joy, intrigue, surprise – these are different emotions that are usually experienced during a magic show. Nowadays it is possible to have a professional magician for in different types of events – communions, birthdays, California weddings and even in corporate events. Along with the idea of ​​requesting these services, the question often arises as to how much it costs to hire a magician.

Magic is a type of show that leaves no one indifferent. If you are planning a wedding party and you want your guests to have a different and unique experience, the best thing you can do is hire a wedding magician. 

What are the aspects?

As for the factors that can influence the price, one of the most important is the cache and the fame of the magician. Logically, a famous magician will set higher rates.Another aspect that can affect the price of this type of performance has to do with the type of event. There may be variations depending on whether you need a magician for a communion or for a wedding since depending on the type of audience the professional may choose some magic tricks or others.On the other hand, the kind of magic or illusion show that you want to hire is also very relevant. Depending on this, the magician will need certain materials or props that can be more or less expensive.

Some of the main types of magic and illusionism are –

Close-up magic: It consists of performing tricks for few spectators and implies greater contact with the public. Everyday elements are usually used, so we can talk about other disciplines related to this type of magic, such as card magic or magic with coins.

Room magic: For this type of magic (elements such as rings, handkerchiefs, ropes), it is performed at a greater distance.

Stage Magic: It is ideal for events such as weddings with a large number of guests. Tricks are performed in larger spaces, such as a stage, and are often more visual.

Mentalist: It is a very striking type of magic since it consists of guessing the thoughts of the spectators by making predictions.

Children’s magic: This type of show usually mixes magic and animation so that the little ones enjoy the experience to the fullest. It can include some type of disguise or characterization by the magician and very dynamic and participatory tricks are usually performed. It is perfect for wedding parties where children and adults need some time for having fun.

Is the magician working alone?

Another factor that can influence the price is the need for an assistant. This may be necessary in certain shows. In these cases, it must be taken into account that the assistant will also have a fee.And, of course, we cannot forget about displacement. Normally, it is preferred to hire magicians at home who come to a certain place to provide the service and, depending on the distance they have to travel, the price can become more expensive. The most important day of your lives can be even more magical by hiring a California wedding magician. A magic show will leave your guests speechless. Trust in magic, enjoy yourself and don’t worry about anything.