Your New Favorite Wedding Cards

Make an invitation that is out of the ordinary, in accordance with the theme of your day. If you can’t find one that matches the D-Day theme, you have the option of creating your own wedding invitation, from scratch. All it takes is a little imagination.


Sometimes it is better to favor simple formulas over detailed decorations in the idea of ​​’less is more’ the less is the better. Minimalist doesn’t mean boring, though. There is a certain beauty in the simplicity. Prefer clean lines, neutral colors and natural light to focus attention on the happy married couple, above all.

Square wedding cards template, with a sober design, lends itself perfectly to a minimalist wedding. Include only the names on the front so your photo captures all the attention. The other information can be included inside the card. The choice of a white border and a simple font gives the whole a neat look.


When it comes to modern marriage, it can be as much about skipping the cake as it is about deciding not to bear the name of your husband. The environment as such usually consists of flashy decorations, sleek objects and contemporary lighting. To create consistency with the invitations, opt for modern card template, with geometric shapes. Sans-serif fonts are particularly trendy and geometric patterns as sober as they are elegant.


By classic wedding we mean a ceremony featuring timeless elements such as flowers, lace, a wedding cake, in classic tones cream, silver and gold, for example. Classic card design, in shades of gold and red the color of love par excellence will be perfect for traditional weddings. The card features, inside and on the back, a superb white and gold floral pattern as well as gold details, for a luxurious look.


If you want to live a fairy tale, a romantic wedding is the ideal formula for you, with floral arrangements to decorate the places, readings and speeches in the form of love poems. To set the tone, opt for invitation template with retro flowers. The background, adorned with beautiful roses the flower of love will perfectly highlight a photo of the newlyweds entwined. Simply save the dates.


The trend for bohemian weddings is not going to pass any time soon. Let you be carried away by this spirit of freedom, in symbiosis with nature, and organize a boho wedding worthy of the name. Get inspired by the hippie movement; favor natural materials, floral adornments and cascading bouquets.

Invitation with a floral typo will set the tone for D-Day, also indicating to your guests that they are invited to a bohemian party, under the sign of love. The twigs of baroque flowers, pink and blue, end with an illustration of a bellflower, inside the card.