10 Places in Singapore for Your Wedding Photoshoots!

Arranging seating plans, catering, and venue reservations are crucial when preparing for your big day, but don’t forget about your wedding photoshoot!

In addition to being used for wedding albums and guest invitations, these images can help you remember priceless moments in the future.

Choosing the ideal photographer can be challenging and expensive, so be sure to take wedding packages into account as well.

That being said, here are some fantastic sites in Singapore if you’ve already chosen your wedding photographer and are looking for the ideal backdrop for your wedding photos.

1. Botanic Gardens

A favourite of locals in Singapore and a UNESCO World Heritage Site! Wander around Swan Lake to witness the crystal-clear waters and the well-known gazebo. Remember to stop at Orchid Garden, home to the largest orchid collection in the world.

2. Faber Peak

Faber Peak is the undisputed victor for couples who like to stay in the concrete jungle while posing among the trees. Try different times for your photo session — at night with fairy lights or during the day with a view of the woods. Then, consider closing the visit with a treat on the cable car trip as a reward for a job well done.

3. Raffles Marina Lighthouse

This setting for a wedding photo shoot kills two birds with one stone. You will have the wind on your side for that little touch of glamour in addition to getting a shot of just you and your spouse alone. This spot is excellent for watching the sunset because the waters provide a gentle reflection of the sky.

4. The Alkaff Mansion

Along Telok Blangah Green is a restaurant called The Alkaff Mansion. A white, wide set of stairs leading to the mansion’s entryway greets you as you approach the door of this upscale eatery. As you may have noticed, their colonial architecture makes them a favourite among brides and grooms.

5. Lower Pierce Reservoir

Reservoirs make lovely backdrops for wedding photography when the water sparkles in the warm light of sunrise or sunset. The images of you and your spouse would undoubtedly capture that spirit of freedom, given the size of this wedding photo location.

6. Sister’s Island

Sister’s Island is a less popular wedding photo location, therefore there are fewer crowds! In addition to snapping pictures along the coast, you can anticipate coming across pathways surrounded by several leaning trees (similar to the ones in Bali) and covered benches that serve as your temporary gazebo. The seas here are a transparent shade of blue and are home to most marine life close to Singapore!

7. Henderson Waves

Henderson Waves is another easily accessible location, and there is a bus stop right below this bridge. This famous bridge provides not only style but also a spectacular sunset vista! Take advantage of the opportunity to travel along Southern Ridges if it’s early in the day for a timeless aerial photograph.

8. The Gallop Stable

The closest you can come to living on a farm is here! The Gallop Stable not only has terrific grounds but also allows you to include these lovely horses in your pictures. You can even ask to ride these horses while wearing your wedding gown if you want to step up your photo shoot.

9. Chinese Gardens

The moon gates at Chinese Gardens are, without a doubt, its biggest selling point. Within the various structures are other hotspots. Be on the lookout for majestic spiral staircases and vistas of the garden from a great height.

10. The Mill

A sight you should take advantage of! Schedule your wedding photoshoot here if you and your spouse want to project a serious yet elegant appearance. They even have their own graffiti mural if you can get into their car park!