3 Excellent Custom Made Engagement Rings

If there’s one moment that a girl waits for and cherishes for the rest of her life is a proposal. Yes, emotions are what matters the most, but, what’s better than the fact if they’re conveyed with custom made bespoke engagement rings like the Anouk Jewelry custom engagement rings? Wondering what makes custom made rings so special? Well, then we have the answers. Have a look.

  1. Custom made/bespoke ring is a one-of-a-kind ring that only your girl will own. And, let’s be honest, every girl would love having something that nobody else has.
  2. You can pick every detail of the custom made ring – the design, the shape, the stones to be used, etc, etc, etc. In other words, you’re the boss of your own budget. 
  3. The entire concept behind getting a ring custom made is offering the customer flexibility to incorporate features that they like and remove the ones they don’t. 

Fascinating, isn’t it? And trust us when we say this, women appreciate efforts and that makes a relationship more special. Having said that, some stunning rings that you can get customized are as follows. Have a look and pick out the one you think will be best suited for making the proposal extra special. 

1. The Theodora Ring

This stellar ring is sheer beauty in terms of its design. Made in 14 karat gold (you get to choose which one you want, rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, or platinum), this classic ring features tourmaline gemstones in pink and green – classic square-shaped green tourmaline in the center with two round pink tourmalines on both the sides. 

2. Myrna’s Heirloom Diamond Ring

Personalized design with booming diamonds in random places? What’s more than this that one can ask for when it comes to buying a unique engagement ring that will run down in the family from generations to generations? 

This beautiful Heirloom diamond ring is just what we are talking about. It has a personalized design with one big diamond somewhere in the center, surrounded by 8 smaller diamonds (of varying sizes). 

3. Beth Custom’s Engagement Ring

This engagement ring is a rare design that you’ll actually not see so easily. It features a very very big raw gemstone of your choice. The gemstone, studded in a thin slice of gold band, features a slice of diamond in the bottom. 

Precisely, bespoke rings are the best engagement rings that you can actually buy and propose with.