4 Wedding Traditions You Can Include in Your Wedding in Spain

One thing about having a wedding in Spain is that you most likely dreamed of having one as a kid. Who doesn’t want a celebration in the land of love and romance? Same as most kids, the material that you probably had to inspire your dream wedding then were fairytales and traditional weddings which were then in vogue.

Now that you are an adult, all the ideas and the ways that recent couples hold their wedding in Spain don’t quite sit right with you and your heart longs for it to be the way you’ve always dreamed. We can help you with that.

What you need to have is a traditional weddings Spain. Even when you can’t have a traditional wedding you can at the very least, incorporates some traditional elements in it. They’ll help you feel like your fulfilling your dreams leading to a more fulfilling wedding celebration for you.

Now for your traditional wedding Spain. Nothing makes a wedding more traditional than observing the traditions that were done during times past. So, here is a list of wedding traditions that you can still include in your wedding to give it the traditional feel.

  • Being Given Away

While the idea of the ownership of the bride being transferred from her father to her husband is now archaic, you can use this to represent an appreciation of all that your parents have done for you up until that moment. You can have your dad or both your parents walk you down the aisle at your wedding in Spain to show support and love for you. It is also a symbolic way for them to show an approval/acceptance of your partner.

  • Exchanging of Rings

The exchange of rings is not required legally, but everyone still does it! In fact, in the past, the ring was only given to the bride to signify ownership and as a show of trust from the groom. Nowadays, both partners swap rings and wear them with pride to show that they are married and belong to one another. So, feel free to add a ring exchange to the itinerary of the ceremony for your wedding in Spain.

  • Having A Wedding/Bridal Party

This tradition is still relevant because it’s been modernized and you can even have brides-men and groom-ladies if you so desire at your wedding Spain. Other traditional roles like your ring bearer and flower girls can also be switched up and the general idea is to honor your closest friends and have them around to help during your wedding in Spain.

  • Cutting the Cake

Traditionally the couple cut the cake in front of guests for good luck and this is still relevant today. Also, it’s a good excuse to have cake! So, if you’re looking for a bit of tradition to add to your wedding in Spain, why not include a cake cutting your wedding reception? 

Your wedding in Spain can be just like you have always dreamed. Having a fulfilling celebration is something you and your partner deserve and can be a reality. If adding traditional elements like the ones above to your ceremony will make it closer to what you’ve always dreamed of, then feel free to do so. Best of luck!!!