How Do You Organise a Wedding Reception

Organising the perfect wedding reception is not an easy task! Yes, the wedding reception requires a lot of planning, collaboration, and preparation. You need to choose the menu, decorate the hall, book the vendors, pick one of the unique wedding venues in Sydney, and a whole lot more.

When planning a wedding reception, try to look at it from your guest’s perspective. Just think over the events you have attended so far not as a host, but as a guest. No matter those events were birthday parties, dinner parties, holiday parties, they all had one thing in common – the host cared that you had the best experience.

Here are a few ways to ensure your wedding reception will be one to remember forever:-

Pick the best wedding venues in Sydney

Of all those decisions you have to make, choosing the right venue is crucial as it sets the tone of the event. Yes, you could book the most gorgeous indoor or outdoor wedding venues in Sydney, but if your guests are not comfortable, they are not going to remember your event. When looking for venues in Sydney, keep an eye on things, including ease of parking, climate control, restroom, and ensure the venue can hold all your guests.

Some of the wedding venues in Sydney are renowned for offering the perfect environment for grand weddings. These venues are well prepared to organise and facilitate any type of wedding and provide the services needed for such an occasion.

Tour the venue and note the features and areas that need to be spruced up or downplayed according to the theme of your wedding reception.

Concentrate on big task first 

Once you book the venue, the next big tasks you need to tackle is hiring a caterer and deciding on décor. Usually, caterers offer several sample menus at different prices to choose from. Ensure to have variety, so that the menu has different cuisines with enchanting flavours. Speak to the other vendors as well, and make sure that you have signed contracts from all the vendors. Once these major tasks are done, you can focus on the smaller details.

Illuminate the venue 

Reception lighting is as crucial as decorating the venue. Believe it or not, lighting can break or make an event. However, to create the right ambience, set the mood by illuminating the outdoor walkway, set the dining tables with clusters of small candles, and replace white ones with more flattering amber bulbs.

Dress up the entryway 

Elegant front-door decorations serve as a visual welcome. No matter if you are adorning a building or a tent, ensure that everyone’s first glimpse of the party is from the entryway.

Stick to one place 

It is a good idea to have your wedding ceremony and reception in the same location, especially if you are on the tight budget. You could save on décor, flowers, and other things.

Less is more 

Let the reception be simple yet elegant. Do not spend on the 30-minute video montage, fireworks display, and flowers. Try to reuse the flowers and other things as much as possible.