How to Choose Men’s Wedding Bands

Picking your wedding band must be done with care, as you will most likely be wearing it every day. You should think about your personal preferences, lifestyle, and other factors. Many people believe that men’s wedding bands are only available in silver and gold, but it isn’t the case. Many unique men’s wedding bands are available! You have come to the right place if you are wondering which men’s wedding band to get. Here is a look at men’s wedding bands.


There are several metals available for men’s wedding bands. There are men who pick the metal of their ring depending on their skin tone. You have either a neutral, cool, or warm skin tone. Check your wrist under natural light to know your skin tone. You got a cool skin tone if the veins look blue. You got a warm skin tone if the veins look green.

You got a neutral skin tone if the veins look a mix of green and blue. People with cool tones appear awesome in lighter metals like white gold, silver, and platinum. Warm-toned skin tones look great in warm metals like rose gold and yellow gold. If you’ve got a neutral skin tone, you will appear goof with either metal type. Finally, your chosen precious metal is a matter of personal choice. Below are some popular precious metals for your wedding band.

Yellow Gold

This is a traditional material for men’s wedding bands. For a few decades, it has been the ideal choice for wedding bands. It is popular because of its rich, warm glow. The gold family’s most hypoallergenic and long-lasting is yellow gold. It has a lifespan of 20 to 30 years on average.

White Gold

White gold is another traditional choice for men’s wedding bands. Even though white gold is lovely, it’ll dull and end up losing its color through time. Through time, a white gold ring would need rhodium plating to regain its original appeal and preserve the ring.

Because it frequently includes nickel, white gold is not a hypoallergenic metal. It is also not that durable compared to yellow gold, with a lifespan of 7 to 12 years on average. Due to its low durability, it might not be a great choice for anyone who works using their hands.


Rose Gold


Rose gold has grown in popularity through the years due to its soft brilliance. Since rose gold includes more copper compared to other golds, it could irritate more delicate skin. Even so, its high copper content makes it extremely durable. Rose gold possesses a 20 to the 30-year average lifespan.


Men’s platinum wedding bands combine beauty and strength and are more durable and heavier compared to counterparts in white gold. They’ve got a life span of 30 to 40 years and are hypoallergenic. Platinum is thirty times rarer than gold. Because of its extreme durability, it is an ideal buy for anyone who works using their hands.


Cobalt is much more resistant to corrosion compared to platinum. It’s among the most resistant to scratch metals on the market and seldomly needs replating, making it an easy men’s wedding band. Cobalt is also an excellent hypoallergenic metal.

This metal would either be black or silver in color. It’s an excellent choice if you want a moody, bold ring.


Men’s wedding bands are available in a variety of widths. Do you prefer a thinner or wider band? Men with longer or larger fingers often choose a wider band, whereas those with smaller hands appear much greater with a thinner ring. Note that a wider band would get a more proper fit on your finger; ensure the ring size is properly measured so that the band fits and is comfortable.


Wedding bands have various sizes. Select a ring that’s both appealing and comfortable to you.


The inner edge of a wedding band with a comfortable fit would be a little rounded. This is ideal for someone who’s not used to putting on rings because it’s so small that you probably wouldn’t notice it’s on your finger.

The Square Edge

The outside edge of this wedding band is square and smooth. This results in a modern, sleek appearance.



The ring’s finish describes its appearance and texture.




A polished finish has a shine and gloss that is a simple design for wedding bands. Rings could also be highly polished for added gleam.



Textured finishes add depth to the ring. Hammered rings (shown above), sandpaper finishes, and scratched finishes, are some examples.


A matte ring has minimal luster. This is ideal for those who do not prefer an excessively flashy ring.

Other Style Options


Dozens of various styles of men’s wedding bands are available, but here are a few that we think are especially appealing.

Accents In Diamonds

Diamonds elevate the appearance of men’s wedding rings.

Two-Toned Rings

Searching for a one-of-a-kind men’s wedding band? Choose a two-toned ring. Men’s wedding bands are also available in dual touches, which means the ring has 2 distinct textures. The ring shown above has a high polish rim and a sandblast center.