How to propose to a man

Tired of waiting for him to come with the marriage proposal? Why would you! The time when the man had to propose to the woman is long gone. You might as well ask! But how do you actually do that? And does he want it? Otherwise, wouldn’t he have already asked? You probably have a lot of doubts when you want to propose to your boyfriend. You should think about this before you make the marriage proposal to him.

I’m sure he wants it

It is of course very annoying when you propose to your boyfriend and he says no to you. Therefore, somehow find out if he wants it. Maybe he once said it to you, maybe you yourself feel that the time has come. Either way, make sure it feels right.

Make sure you want it yourself

Do you want to get married for the sake of getting married? Then you might want to think a little more. It is important that you really want to get married yourself. Do you panic a little at the thought of being with this man for the rest of your life? Then it may not be the right time yet. Make sure you really want this.

Ask him to marry him

You can of course propose to your boyfriend because you want to. But during the proposal you should focus on him. You want to marry him, why him? Make this clear during the proposal. Let it be known that you have not only thought about yourself, but also about him. This increases the chance that the proposal will be successful.

Think about his ego

Men remain men, and he may be a little angry that you stole his job from him. He is the man and he wants to propose to you. So make sure you’ve given him enough time and clearly indicated that you want it. If he still doesn’t ask and you eventually propose, you can also think of an alternative for him, for example that he can ask you back, of course with a ring!

Give a present for both of you

Giving an engagement ring to your boyfriend might be a little crazy. That’s why it’s better to buy a present, something that you can wear together. For example a bracelet. It doesn’t have to be expensive, as long as it has a beautiful meaning.

Take it seriously

Even if it feels a bit crazy that you have to do it, take it seriously. If he were to propose to you, he would. So choose a beautiful day and a beautiful location, preferably a location that has meaning for you together. Think of your favorite restaurant, your first kiss, etc. Also incorporate as many personal elements as possible into your proposal: reminisce about memories you share with him, why he is so special to you. Just make sure everything is as you hoped, only now you’re asking instead of him.

Plan everything

Make sure you have everything planned and also keep in mind the things that could go wrong. Think of a traffic jam, rain or a restaurant that is full. If you plan everything properly, you are (almost) sure that things will not go wrong.