Tips For Wedding Photography Using Mobile Phones For Beginners

In recent years, mobile cameras have come a long way, but nothing beats the convenience of a pocket camera. This post will go through the finest wedding photography settings as well as some interesting wedding photography ideas.

What are the best settings for wedding photography?

Most phone models come with a variety of settings to make wedding photography easier. But, before we get into the camera settings, we recommend changing a few other device settings before heading to the wedding with your phone camera.

Tips for shooting weddings with your mobile phone

  • Look for regions that have good lighting.

The better the lighting, the greater the performance of your phone camera. It’s perfect to photograph an outdoor wedding in gentle light. However, because you didn’t plan the wedding and can’t control the weather, look for photo opportunities with good natural light, even if you’re inside. If you can’t find the perfect light, don’t use your flash under any circumstances.

  • Only use your telephoto lens — or your feet — to zoom.

When trying to zoom in on details or memorable moments at the wedding, a camera with a telephoto lens should be your first choice. Moving closer to your subject is the second-best solution. We don’t recommend utilizing your digital zoom because it will drastically reduce the quality of your photo.

  • Make sure your shot is properly exposed for the highlights.

The brightest elements in your wedding photos are the highlights. If you’re photographing a bride in a white gown, it’ll most likely be the brightest part of the image. Hold your finger down on your screen at the brightest area in the scene to ensure the outfit isn’t overexposed.

Photo ideas for weddings that you must attempt

  • Obtain behind-the-scenes footage that others may overlook.

While all eyes and cameras will be on the bride and groom, keep an eye out for minor elements that may go unnoticed. These are the moments that you and the wedding party will want to remember long after the toasts are over, whether it’s an unusual piece of architecture at the wedding location, table place settings, or a candid shot of youngsters playing on the dance floor.

  • Photograph the wedding from the perspective of a guest.

Take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy yourself because you’re clearly a guest at this wedding rather than the hired photographer. Now you can concentrate on recording your own unique wedding experience through the eyes of a guest. What you see will be quite different from what the expert photographers perceive.

  • Change your camera’s perspective and angle.

You don’t want to be too obtrusive with your photography, but it’s perfectly acceptable to experiment with camera angles and perspectives. Take advantage of any stairwells, balconies, or other vantage points available at the wedding location. Your photographs will serve as a beautiful complement to professional photographs. You may snap wonderful images of a memorable day with a little planning, and your favorites can even be given as appreciation presents to the bride and groom. But if you want professionals to take over, you can check out wedding photography sydney now!